In Laravelsoft we use a variety of front end frameworks. The direction upon a client-side technology mainly depends on the type of a project, timing and technical properties and features it may require. We choose a direction of a front end technology depending upon the project type. One of the biggest challenges for our front-end development team about a framework evaluation is to create an interface that works best for the project need. The main challenge in choosing a framework for our front-end team is to create an interface that works best for the project and stakeholder needs, believing the front-end framework they choose can make the project on the long run applicable both for one page and multi page projects.We also systematically update the package of front-end tools keeping up with robust and dynamic changes in dev. environment. Here are the main tools picked up by our front-end ninjas: HTML, CSS with SASS/LESS, React/Angular.


Symfony, the philosophy... Our main back-end framework applicable . The framework is aimed to simplify and speed up the development process. Symfony is a powerful and robust PHP framework giving opportunity to handle a project of any scale. Due to its technical characteristics of being highly flexible in use , long term supported and having the biggest PHP community, its is widely applied by our back-end stuff.

Data storage

We use MySQL, MongoDB for data storage as the most reliable and intelligent database vendors.

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