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About Us

Laravelsoft is a modern software development company headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia, where brilliant minds are driven by one simple goal: meet and exceed your expectations. Making customer-centric behavior the major priority in our workflow, we treat your projects like our own, creating value inspired by a great deal of ideas by your and our teams. Laravelsoft team solutions make the end result best correspond with your company vision through smooth and continuous client collaboration. We supply development resources to enhance software and meet increased market demand, transforming the given creative demand into a valuable product.

We serve a range of businesses in IT, education and business services worldwide. Our projects vary from enterprise software development, web/mobile applications to data analytics and visualization. Laravelsoft provides solutions using frameworks such as Symfony (PHP), React, Angular, Angular JS, Flutter, LESS, SASS, UX/UI.

Laravelsoft also offers software development services in emerging technologies, like blockchain., product initiated by us, is an educational and career development platform integrating distributed ledger technologies. We are driven to become one of the most robust blockchain solution providers on the market, making development of YOUR contracts, cryptocurrency, wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, private blockchain and the like our main priority weapon.

Look! Our talents are here, challenged to deal with any scope of your project.

Case studies

While we work with a number of products, call us gurus with what you see bellow. Check out our latest work history with multi platform solutions.

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MyHarold is a project management platform with multiple tools for individuals and teams.

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W3docs provides digital content for developers through texts, quizzes, snippets, tools.

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ArcCert is a blockchain based non-profit platform to issue tamper-proof diplomas and certificates.

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Anagrammer offers popular word games and puzzle solvers.

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Cost recovery tool for UNDP

Cost recovery tool has automated the manual process of uploading data to UN’s ERP system.

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StackDev is a question and answer website for programmers, where sharing knowledge is awarded.

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BUCKET LIST 127 represents a tool that allows to create and organize your personal Bucket List.

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Luvbyrd is a dating site and app for outdoor enthusiasts.

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